Sunday, May 20

Filling the Blank.

Believe me when I said I know. Believe me when I said I understood. Believe me when I said 'Aku dah makan garam lebih dari kau.'

If you had know who I really was before, you wouldn't want to be my friend. Or rather you would be ashamed to have know me.

The me before 2 years ago was a bad person. name all the bad things that you know, believe me, I've done them all except killing people and dumping baby.

The me that you know now was born 2  years ago. That was when I first tried to understand the real meaning of life and living. When I tried to find the ways to fill the hollow and emptiness in my heart. Ever feel that way?

It's like boredom, got-nothing-to-do, don't-know-what-to-do feeling even when you had done and could do tons of things. All my life I've been trying to fill that empty space. Only recently, that hollow and emptiness seems to be have been filled up.

Everything that Allah, Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him), Al-Quran and Sunnah asked us to do was so that we will never have to feel that scary emptiness. Because when you live by Allah's ways, your life will always be full and happy. Al-Quran or Compilation of Allah Love Letter, as I would call it, have everything for us in it. From our birth till our afterlife.

Try to truly understand the ayah and dua that you read in prayer. By understand that, prayer can prevent us from doing bad deeds.

Fahami Islam dan ajarannya. Bukan senang nk jadi baik. Baik pun banyak definisinya. Tapi dalam Islam, lain. Contohnya, kalau solat cukup 5 waktu tapi tak tutup aurat, tak cukup baik lagi. Sama juga kalau tutup aurat tapi tak cukup 5 waktu, tetap tak cukup baik.

Tapi Islam ni, mudah je. Macam 'Domino Effect'. Bukan Domino Pizza. Cuma jangan dipermudahkan. Harap faham. Okay. Kalau anda jaga solat 5 waktu, siap dengan faham bacaan yang dibaca dalam solat, anda secara automatik akan berasa keperluaannya untuk menutup aurat. Bila anda dah jaga dan tutup aurat dengan betul, automatik anda dan orang sekeliling anda akan menjaga pergaulan anda. Nampak tak?

Maksudnya, kalau kita buat apa yang Rasulullah S.A.W ajar dengan sesempurnanya dan dengan pemahaman, benda lain pun akan ikut sekali. Ingat, sempurna dan faham. Bukan ikut-ikut. Insya Allah.

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