Monday, September 12



won't it be nice to live here, right?? all the greenery and blue water.. it's so peaceful..

Allahuakbar!! what a magnificent view, isn't it?

It is all but Allah creation..

Some might ask:
"If Allah is The Most Merciful, then why there are wars in this world? Why do people have to suffer?"
"Allah promised to grant our prayers but why none were granted?"

There are lot more questions that "they" can ask.. though the question seems easy to answer, but without the proper explanation, things might just get worse..

We are just His servant. Allah will put His servant in difficulties and hardship to test and strengthen our faith and IMAN in Him. We are 'borrowing' things from Allah. From the beautiful mother nature to our own soul. Proof is, we can't control any of it even our own heart, kidneys, lungs and billions other cells.
Allah gives us, Men, what he didn't gave to other of His creation. It is our duty to be the Khalifah in this world. That is why Allah gives human "akal".


Maicher said...

asal ambik gambar curi rumah aku ni?? haha.

btw for the second pic, is it real? macam dah kena edit.

p/s:i wish i could be a better explainer every time i were asked such question.


Firdaussi Hashim said...

second pic tu dh kne edit.. over and under pose..