Monday, September 26

Good Luck

Dulu x prnah pn jeles kot bile dgr de org nk fly pg oversea.. byk kot meember yg dh fly.. sorg pg korea, sorg kt japan, sorg kt NZ, sorg lg kt Canada, Russia and many more..

when I heard Along went to Paris, France.. that's when the switch flipped on.. damn, I AM so Jealous with those guys..not that I don't care about other place but France had been my dream place to visit.. also, Adeq had fly to Czech last Monday..

those two things what make me feel really disappoint with myself.. if only had I been more serious in studying.. what's the point in regretting it now, right?

mmg la btol yg blajar tu kt mna2 pn bleh.. xyah nk pg oversea kalo mmg niat nk blajar.. but what make the situations different are the experiences that we get.. put aside those winter, autumn, spring and fall.. the experience of living in a new atmosphere with different languages and society.. won't that be great?

anyway, just let bygone be bygone.. and keep looking straight to the future with the past as your guidance.. keep on striving for excellence in whatever good things you do..