Tuesday, November 1

Food For The Ears

Syeikh Saad Ibn Sa'id Al-Ghamidi have always be the whisperer to my ears reciting the Quranic Verse when I'm sleeping or just too tired to read the Quran myself.. 

Who s this Sheikh Saad Ibn said Al Ghamidi

Sheikh Saad Ibn Said Al Ghamidi, a Qoran recitor, was born on the 19th of May in 1387 (1967) in Damman city in Saoudia Arabia.


The Sheikh was graduated from the Imam Mohammed Ibn Saoûd’s university in Al- Ahsaa. (The theological speciality: Oussoul Addin) in 1410. He finished the Koran learning in 1415 and in 1417; he got the Baccalaureate degree of the Isnad taken from Riwaya of Hafs’ Ain Aasim.

Professional experience:
  • 1. Al Ghamidi worked as a teacher from 1411 to 1415.
  • 2. He worked as a guide to Islamic education from 1416 to 1423.
  • 3. He is currently working as a director in Mohamed Al Fateh’s private schools in Dammam. Jobs: - The major responsible for teaching Koran in the Imam Chatibi center in Dammam.
    - The major responsible for theological and educational studies in Manar Al Houda center.
    - Imam and priest of Yousuf Ibn Ahmed Mosque in Dammam.
    - Member of social “lajna” of Dammam which is concerned with “Chouôun Ijtimaîya”.

  • - The recited Holy book in 1417.
  • - Nouddoum hdayat Al Mourtab Al fi Moutachabih al kittab by the beloved Imam Sakhami.
  • - Nouddoum All-yat Irraqui by Hafidh Iraqui.
  • - Arts (Illa all al Quran).
  • - Addkan
  • - Rouqiya chariya.

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