Tuesday, November 8

Mina, ganba~tsu te!!

For a student, examination is a common event in life. To excel in anything you do, preparation is indeed very important. My advice:
  1. Always do early revision.
  2. Never do revision till late night, don't bun the midnight oil.
  3. Study smart, don't study too hard. Find out what topics you're weak at. Don't study everything.
  4. Whether to make a study group or do revision on you're own, that' depend on you. Everyone has their own unique style to study.
  5. Make sure everything that is needed for the examination has been prepared the night before.
  6. Be good with everyone especially families.
  7. Always pray to Allah. 
Well, these are what I always do. If you had a better way, keep with it. Good Luck for your exam, peeps.

Godspeed, people!!

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